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Abstract of will - John Pierson 1689 - 1770


Abstract of Early Wills (1761-1770) - Morris County The following information is from "Archives of the State of New Jersey; First Series Vol. XXXIII; Vol. IV of Calendar of Wills"; Edited by A. Van Doren Honeyman.  Provided by Ron Bloch   

1768, Nov. 22. PIERSON, John, of Hanover, Morris Co., clerk; will of. Children - Abraham, Anne, Elizabeth, John, Wyllys. The house where John lives to be in his share, and at the death of John and his wife, or her marriage, to be sold, and divided among his children. My granddaughter, Ruth, the only child of my daughter Abigail Grave, deceased, 10. My daughters, Margaret and Hannah, each to have 50 less than Abraham, Ann and Elizabeth; and the reason is that I have spent money on the estate at Jamaica, that belongs to Margaret and Hannah. A tombstone is to be erected at my grave. Executors -my friends, Joseph Tuttle, Joseph Kitchel and John Kitchel. Witnesses - John Dixon, Samuel Alleson, Susannah Williams. Proved Sept. 2, 1770. (Lib. K, p. 282)

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