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Phoebe Jane Breese

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Information provided by Dee Appleby.  Thanks Dee


Husband:   Joseph Vanscyoc
Birth:  23 Sep 1822 Place:  Pennsylvania
Death:  19 Feb 1896
Burial:     Place:  Pleasant Grove Cem. Pleasant Grove, PA
Wife:   Phoebe Jane Breese
Birth:  26 Mar 1823 Place:  Washington Co.Pennsylvania
Death:  26 Apr 1905
Burial:     Place:  Pleasant Grove Cem. Pleasant Grove, PA
Age At Death:   82 yrs.
Father: Henry Breese 3rd (1783-1870)
Mother: Phoebe Hayden (1785-1874)
1. M Child: Moses Vanscyoc
Birth:  26 Feb 1843 Place:  Pennsylvania
Death:  4 Mar 1932  Place:  Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Spouse: Maggie Sater
Marriage:   28 Dec 1868
2. F Child: Louisa Vanscyoc
Birth:  11 Dec 1844 Place:  Washington, Pennsylvania
Spouse: James Mitchell
Marriage:   29 Nov 1866
3. F Child: Mary Etta Vanscyoc
Birth:  14 Dec 1846 Place:  Washington Co.Pennsylvania
Spouse: William Wishart
4. M Child: Henry Breese Vanscyoc
Birth:  29 Jan 1849 Place:  Claysville, Pennsylvania
Death:  28 Aug 1907 Place:  nr. Collyer, Kansas
Burial:     Place:  Rural Cemetery, near Collyer, Kansas
Occupation: Merchant, hotel keeper
Age At Death:   age 58 yrs.  Sun Stroke and Heart Attack
Spouse: Viola Mae Chamberline
5. M Child: Aaron Vanscyoc
Birth:  1854    Place:  Pennsylvania
Death:  1858   
Age At Death:   4 yrs.
6. M Child: Israel Joseph Vanscyoc
Birth:  27 Jun 1855 Place:  Washington Co.Pennsylvania
Death:  7 Jun 1936  Place:  Winfield, Iowa
Spouse: Elizabeth Lyons
Marriage:   28 Dec 1881
7. M Child: Theodore Finley Vanscyoc
Birth:  22 Apr 1858 Place:  Washington Co.Pennsylvania
Death:  20 Aug 1934 Place:  Spring Dale, Arkansas
Burial:     Place:  Spring Dale, Arkansas
Age At Death:   76 yrs. "Natural causes".
Spouse: Louisa Hedden (1st wife)
Marriage:   19 Dec 1882 Place:  Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Spouse: Amanda Ellis
Marriage:   24 Dec 1886
Wife's Notes...
1860 census, East Finley twp.  P.O. East Finley
1870 census, East Finley t wp. P.O. Claysville.
In 1893 Phoebe Jane and family lived in East Finley twp. Washington Co. PA.
Several children buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Grove,
Ref:  Ted Van Scyoc, Peoria, Illinois
Ref:  Carolyn Brooks, Bloomington, Illinois (1970's)
I visited the grave of Henry Breese Vansyoc in Collyer, Kansas.  Also, a
brief visit with a descendent but can't remember who they were just now. 

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