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A History of the Breese Family

A Pastorale by Kathryn Grace Breese

The history of the Breese Family was written by Kathryn Grace Breese and is Part II of a book written by Mr. Eugene F. Saber.  The first part of the book is in regards to Mr. Saber's family.  Kathryn is a descendant of John and Dorothy (Riggs) Brees of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, in the 1700's.  Kathryn  was the mother of Eugene Saber. 

Many thanks to Dee Appleby who has been kind enough to share her copy of the book with all. 

Chapter I - The village
Chapter II - The Family
Chapter III - Marriages, War, Immigrations
Chapter IV - Indian Tale
Chapter V - The passing of the First Generation
Chapter VI - Letters
Chapter VII - An Old Vealtown Home
Chapter VIII - The passing of the Second Generation
Chapter IX - Changes
Chapter X - The Crossroads
Chapter XI - Spanish Douloons
Chapter XII - The Passing of the Third Generation
Chapter XIII - Requiescat in Pace

Picture Index:

Bailey Breese, Jr
The Pride of the Community 
Historic Oak as seen from the street 
Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church 
"Kittie" Breese Schwerdt 
Churchyard at Basking Ridge 
Inn Kept by Thomas Whitenack and his wife, Sally Breese 
Sally Whitenack, daughter of Sallie Breese 
Stephen Breese 
Jane, James and Dallas
The Crossroads
The Family Book Plate
The Breese Farm
Dallas Breese at age 70
Paw-Paw church and churchyard 

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